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Lower Your Golf Score By 7 Strokes WITHOUT Changing Your Swing Will Help You To...

Lower Your Golf Score By 7 Strokes WITHOUT Changing Your Golf Swing

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From: Jim Krautkremer

President, Golf Plus Media Group

Dear Friend,

Have you ever seen a professional fighter land a solid right hook? If it connects, it’s game over. Too much power in that punch for a normal man to sustain.

BUT… did you know that almost NONE of that power comes from the muscles of the right arm? It’s true. Most pro boxers can’t even bench-press their own weight. Nope. 

The root of the power in their punch comes from…

Their MIND!

What’s this got to do with you? How about…

Instantly Access Power, Distance and Consistency Off The Tee!

This is huge news for golfers. It’s the overlooked secret behind ALL the great professional golfers, from Tiger Woods to Rory McIlroy. You don’t see it, because it’s hidden. But it’s there.

And the best part is, it’s amazingly easy to adopt yourself.

Here's the cold, hard facts:

  • Not one golfer in a thousand understands where the power comes from in great, 300 yard-plus tee shots. Most guys think the power is in the arms (which guarantees a horrible slice or hook)… or in the torque of your waist on the pivot (which offers a little more distance, but still only a fraction of what you should be getting). 
  • This is because… you cannot SEE the source of power when you watch a great golfer tee off. It LOOKS like they’re putting a lot of effort into their swing – but they’re not. It LOOKS like they’re getting power from the whip action of their follow-through – but they’re not. The source of their jaw-dropping power is INVISIBLE to anyone watching them. You have to FEEL it to believe it.
  • Right now, you’re getting maybe 5% of the potential power out of your swing. The professionals suck 90% of the potential from their swing. That’s how they hit such long, accurate drives, every time… even though they’re completely relaxed all through the swing. Not an ounce of tension in their entire body.

So just imagine… if you could suddenly find even 25% of your potential… it would be FIVE TIMES the power you’re getting now! That wouldn’t be half bad, now, would it.

Well, guess what?

You can get FIVE TIMES the power you’ve got now… so fast it will make your head spin. That’s because… all that awesome power is…

ALREADY Cocked And Loaded Inside Your Swing!

Yes, the same swing you had the last time out.

What’s more…

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small guy with stringy muscles…

…or a big guy with a beer gut the size of a basketball… 

…or way past your prime, or out of shape, or a complete duffer on the course… 

…or if you’ve been slapped with every nasty ailment there is (like arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis and the vision of a gopher)…

…or you’re a rank beginner, or have been struggling at golf for decades.

You don’t need any special equipment.

You don’t need previous experience. (Beginners start hitting 250 just as quickly as guys who’ve played for years!)

And, best of all… you don’t need to spend any money. You can learn it free.

There’s a snarling beast hiding inside you. The professionals understand where this hidden payload of power comes from… but almost NO amateur golfers have a clue. 

And get this: You can learn this astonishing secret…

Without Risking A Penny!

Here’s the story: We’ve all had that one shot in a round that keeps us coming back for more. When everything goes right and you’re totally relaxed and in the “zone”. You see the ball in flight before you even hit it. You pull the club back with ease and grace. Then you experience that sweet sound of a perfectly pure golf shot. It sounds like nothing else in the world.

Complete and total bliss.

That is what the pros experience on most every shot they hit. They have mastered the mind map we are talking about. And they can do it repeatedly on auto-pilot. On demand.

And when you finally discover this mind map yourself… using Jim’s amazing “shortcut” teaching methods… 

It Will Be The Biggest "Doh!" Experience Of Your Life!

It was for me, anyway. I felt like Homer Simpson. One day I was on the range, feeling like everything was just right in my swing – I was swinging on plane, my wrists aligned at impact, transferring weight at the right time… swinging about as perfectly as I’m able. I thought sure I’d been launching howitzer shots.

But when I saw my balls lying out on the range, there wasn’t one further out than 230. Jeez

Enter this book and it’s infuriatingly-accurate advice. According to THIS BOOK, I was ignoring 95% of the power available to me. Ignoring it. Simple fix, too.

Result: My very next tee shot sailed past the 300 yard marker, straight and true and gorgeous.

And it’s so simple… I was actually embarrassed! I mean… it seems like cheating. 

Listen: Wouldn’t you love to just go out on the course and start hitting the longest drives of your life? Without any agonizing lessons… without long, boring, frustrating practice sessions… and…

Without Changing A Thing In Your Swing?

That’s why so many golfers are bouncing off the walls over this new mental secret that Jim  has discovered. It’s the secret that propelled Rory McIlroy’s towering blasts… and it’s the secret behind Tiger Woods’ greatest tee shots.

You’ve got to FEEL it to believe it. You can’t see it… but the very first time you feel it, you’ll understand.

I’m serious. You will add FIVE TIMES the power you have now. With a simple secret that uses the same source of power all “power” athletes rely on – the awesome oomph that can only come from your mind.

No hocus-pocus, no gimmicks, no need for any change whatsoever in your physical swing. 

You merely “re-focus” your attention to the correct place. If I tried to explain it, you’d be tempted to lock me up – it can sound like a cross between Zen and astrophysics.

But it’s really just plain old-fashioned sports science.

The pro’s already understand it. Not one amateur out of a thousand has a clue.

Best part: You can get your power pumped up 500% above what it is now without risking a penny. And… you can HAVE the secret behind Tiger Woods’ “upper level” super-power… 


Here’s the deal: You see, the reason most teachers screw up (and cause you to suffer through years of lessons that do almost nothing to improve your game)… is that they insist on spending mind numbing amounts of time and practice on your backswing. And when they’re through with that, they insist on spending another eternity on the follow through.

And somehow… they never get around to the most important part…

Get The Ball In The Hole With The Fewest Strokes!

You’re free to do that too of course.

Or… you can take me up on this “shortcut” offer. 

Just order his new book (it’s only $7)… spend 27 minutes reading it… and then go out and hit a tee shot with your new knowledge. If you do not hit that shot at least 50 yards further than you honestly believe you are capable of hitting a tee shot… then send me an email for complete and fast refund. No questions asked.

It’s that simple. You have a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. And there’s no time limit – you can wait a year, or five years, or fifty years (we’ll still be here). Whenever you get around to checking out the power this amazing secret can burn into your body… that’s when you decide. So you don’t risk a single penny. 

But Wait... I've Got An Incredible BONUS For You!

Ultimate Distance Secrets

I will also send you a hot new report that reveals an easy way to DOUBLE the power available to you. Almost overnight. This is Tiger’s big secret: He knows exactly how to use a little tiny bit of intense training… to get more raw power than any of his opponents can muster.

And… you can KEEP this report, as my gift to you, even if you later decide to return the download for a complete refund.

This means… no matter what you do… you will end up with the secret to massive golfing power. For FREE, if you choose.

Here's what to do now:

Click on the “Get Your Copy Today” button below and use your credit card. It’s fast, easy, and 100% confidential – and you will get your download immediately.

The “cost” of this book is $7.00 and you get it instantly as a PDF download. As soon as you place your order today, you’ll be sent an email receipt with the download link where you can get it. 

The price is only $7 – less than a tall skinny vanilla latte for you and your buddy. And you can see what all the fuss is about for yourself.

Just keep this one thing in mind:

You Are About To Shoot The Lowest Rounds Of Your Life… From Here On Out!

You think I’m exaggerating? You think your situation is different… and you can’t get the results I’ve promised? 

Then check out what these guys are saying. They’re all over the map physically and in ability – some are overweight, some are rank rookies who wet themselves when they hit a good shot, most aren’t anywhere near their peak of fitness… and all they have in common is their love for golf. Just listen to this!

This Stuff Really Works!

“Pure simple golf! Feel for the first time, how easy cutting serious strokes off my score can be. It’s all about knowing where to focus — and no checklist, it’s really simple!”   – Steven T.

“I can’t believe how far I’m smacking all my shots now! It’s simple, quick to learn, easy to do time after time. This is the fastest way to infuse your golf swing with maximum power.” – Thomas G.

“As a beginner golfer, I was overwhelmed by all the advice out there on how to improve my game. But this book breaks it down into simple, easy-to-follow steps.” – Sam L.

“I’m not the most athletic person, but the exercises and drills have helped me improve my balance and stamina on the course. I feel more confident and energized during my rounds.” – Ruth K.

“My last round was a thing of beauty – pounding tee-shots 40 and 50 yards past my playing partners. And you know I wasn’t talking, my lips are sealed on this secret! In just minutes you’ll see how purely simple and easy this is. It’s awesome! You should see for yourself. Thank you.” – Tim M.

“I feel like a totally different golfer, a more powerful, more confident, complete player overnight! I worked with one of Jim’s ideas for 10 minutes at home and went out and shot an incredible 76 with 2 three putts. My drives were on autopilot, dead center and long!” – Johnny T.

No matter where your game is at right now, you too can…

✅  Instantly correct the occasional “bad spell” that can affect anyone’s game, anytime! (The secret of Instant Correction will guarantee you never suffer without knowing exactly what to do to bring back your skills as fast as humanly possible!)

✅  Play so well, so consistently, and with such skill… that your natural LOVE for the game of golf will come back to you like a lost lover showing up at your door begging for your affection! (For most pros, this is the most valuable secret of all!)

✅  Get out of trouble easily, with purposeful shots that ERASE mistakes and keep your score astonishingly low even when weather, playing conditions and physical problems threaten to destroy your game!

✅  Instantaneously “short cut” your knowledge of the “SECRET GAME” known only to professionals… and understand the history of how all the great players got to the top of the heap! (You’ll be amazed at how accessible great golf suddenly is for you!)

✅  “Lock in” the true source of power in your swing – ON DEMAND. (You don’t have to be in shape, or strong, or have any special skills at all — this “wellspring” of devastating power has been inside you all along, hidden away… waiting for you to tap it! Most golfers NEVER DO… but you will, instantly, with Darling’s help!)

✅  Immediately “empty” your mind of all nonsense as you tee up — the “Zen” secret that will allow your body to naturally “let it rip” and instantly turn your swing into a nuclear-powered windmill! (You’ll be the only guy on the course who never worries about his drives!)

✅  Automatically implement the single most important “First Step” all pro’s make before even approaching any shot! (You can tell an amateur every time by the lack of this crucial act!)

✅  Easily “align” yourself to your target with the utter confidence of a 9-inch howitzer keying in a cardboard pillbox!

✅  Knock at LEAST 7 strokes off your round instantly, just by avoiding trees and impossible second shots from NO Man’s Land… and…

✅  Have the confidence to just “let ‘er rip” on every drive, thus allowing yourself to put a little more “oomph” into your swing… and getting just that much MORE distance on every tee shot!

✅  And… finally get some real respect in the tee box!

P.S. Remember… I’m also sending you the secret report on how to DOUBLE your available power in the shortest time humanly possible. It’s called “Ultimate Distance Secrets” and it’s yours free, to keep no matter what you decide to do later. But you must hurry to be among the lucky first 80 guys.

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“Straighter, longer and more consistent… it doesn’t get any better than this! This stuff is EASY and incredibly effective, in literally 10 minutes, I began smacking drives that looked like small-rockets being launched. Thanks.” – Sean F.

“Jim teaches the real stuff you won’t hear anywhere else. It’s simple and works! Immediately, with just a few swings you can plug it into your game. It’s great to feel the ball explode off the club. My scores have dropped from the mid-90’s to the low-80’s in just a few short weeks!” – Stacey M.

“I never realized how much my mindset was holding me back on the course until I read this book.” – Tim W.

“I’ve recommended this book to all my golf buddies” – Kurt G.

“I’ve always been a short-hitter with poor distance..150-yard 6-irons, 225-yards from the tee. And that’s kept me stuck in bogey-land for years. I now feel the most awesome power with every shot… and accurate too. Straight, for 60-plus yards.. Just shot 81 and I’m going lower!” – Dean N.

“If you’re tired of that same old junk teaching that leaves your game screwed up… Jim will show you absolutely amazing stuff, and in just minutes you’ll see the genius! I cut seven– strokes from my game in just 2-weeks. Wow! ” – Roger T.

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"Lower Your Golf Score By 7 Strokes WITHOUT Changing Your Golf Swing"

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I can only make this offer here to the first 80 guys who get back to me.

Here’s why…  

I take a loss by selling you this book at this price.   

The reason why is because it costs me $33.04 in advertising costs to sell one book.

So why would I do that?   


I want to create a great impression on you so that one day you might do business with me again.  

Yes, I have other products and services that you might be interested in.  

I’m hedging my bets that you’ll enjoy the book so much, you’ll ask to try other trainings and services I offer. Pretty straight forward really.  

But you need to order right now, while this web page is still in front of you. Don’t wait… if you do, there may be a delay before I can get more videos duped. And you don’t want to wait to see this secret.

This is golfing paradise territory. An honest-to-God shortcut to immediately shave 7 shots of your golf score and finally enjoy their most consistent rounds of your life forever.

Order right now. 

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"Lower Your Golf Score By 7 Strokes WITHOUT Changing Your Golf Swing"

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"Ultimate Distance Secrets"

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Lower Your Golf Score By 7 Strokes WITHOUT Changing Your Swing Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World...

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