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How Much Does A Backyard Putting Green Cost?

Although many individuals like playing golf, not many have the equipment necessary to hone their skills when they’re not on the course. Therefore backyard putting greens would be an ideal solution to this problem. As an avid golfer for more than 40 years, I can attest that having my own private green in the backyard would be a lot of fun.

How Much Does It Typically Cost To Install A Putting Green?

Having a putting green might cost up to $9,000 in the United States. The typical price range is from $490 to $850 depending on the green design. The price of physical labor is not accounted for in this estimation. The amount of surface desired by the client has a significant effect on the price of a putting green. While certain green installations may be out of reach due to cost, there are alternatives with interesting features that should be affordable for most households.

The putting green cost of installation may be anywhere from $11 to $25 per square foot, depending on the quality of the synthetic turf and the expertise of the contractor. You could set it up on your own, but unless you have expertise with artificial putting greens, We wouldn’t advise it. Find a putting green you like and then get an estimate from a contractor or the putting green’s manufacturer to get an idea of how much it would be the overall cost of the project to have it installed in your front or back yard. Here are some further information insights that you have to keep an eye on.

Green Fashion

The assortment of golf greens is manufactured and installed by firms that specialize in the industry, and they use a wide range of manufacturing methods and fake grass varieties to make their synthetic putting greens. Your backyard putting green may be customized to fit your needs, such as the speed preferences at which you want to play. Usually, the firms only utilize premium artificial turf, which is designed to look, feel, and bite just like real grass.

Golf Green Design

Costs associated with building a putting green in your backyard may range greatly, depending on factors such as the complexity of the design of the green you choose and the skill level required. Many masters of installation technology, in other words, designers and retailers have the knowledge and experience to create customized solutions for their clients.

Getting Onto The Site

The time and money required to put in a putting green may vary greatly depending on the availability of the appropriate equipment and tools at the accessibility of the site. If the firm is unable to swiftly reach your location with larger pieces of equipment, you may be charged more for the additional time and effort. Costs associated with site preparation, such as extensive grading and other landscaping work, might be included in the asking price of the property.

Preparation Of The Site

Site preparation charges are not included in the firms’ per-square-foot pricing for lawns. This is because existing grass must be removed from certain locations while in others it is not essential. To lay new sod, businesses will have to dig up and dispose of any old soil and turf in the yard. It will take much less time and less work to prepare the site’s accessibility suitable for professional installation if you live in a dry environment.

Additional Features

There are a number of features that might be useful on a golf course, such as bunkers, tee boxes, water hazards, and more. Incorporating unique traits into your grass will increase the final price of your project. And it will also increase the fun. So do it right!

Is A Backyard Putting Green Worth It?

A putting green is a worthwhile investment if you take golf seriously and want to hone your putting skills while you’re not actually on the course. It’s important to remember this if you don’t live near a golf course. If golf is a pastime of yours, installing a putting green at home may seem like a smart move. If you don’t play golf often it’s not a worthwhile purchase.

If you’re planning on installing a putting green, keep this in mind. Putting synthetic golf greens needs to be brushed and rolled at least twice a year to maintain the grass short and the surface smooth for golf balls. Your putting green will deteriorate and lose its appeal if you don’t give it the attention it needs.

But just think of all the fun you can have with your friends and improve your short game at the same time. Seems like a win win solution that’s for sure.

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Do PGA Tour Professionals Have a Green In Their Backyard?

Yes, the prominent PGA tour pro has a putting green in their backyard. Many pros have the best design with a wide range of golf greens. In addition to different types of artificial grass, some of the pros have even additional elements such as water features. One of the reasons why pros invest a lot of money in putting green is the extensive training and the amount of effort they invest to remain the best.

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