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Practice Putting At Home To Lower Your Golf Score

The positive news is that you may practice putting yourself in the comfort of your own home. Although practicing indoors may not improve every aspect of your putting golf game, at least you won’t have to let it go. As a consequence, we are going to illustrate how you may develop your putting talents with an indoor putting green.

These are putting drills I like to use when practicing at home.

Best Putting Drills Including Easy Drills

Using Tape, You May Target Your Golf Shot

The prior exercise serves as a basis for this great drill, which is aimed at further strengthening your putting technique. A second exercise that is somewhat similar to the first includes arranging two phone books next to one other with just enough gap in between for the putter head to fit. The next step is to create a start line from the ball out to your goal position by putting down several feet of tape to construct a target line.

This exercise challenges you to hit the golf ball in such a manner that it stays on the tape while it goes toward its planned destination. Putting drills in a straight line is the term given to the types of exercises depicted here. They will not only help you enhance your perfect putting stroke, but they may also help you raise your putting accuracy for a swing that is both straight back and direct.

Make Use Of Objects Such As Books And Boxes As Guidelines For Your Stroke Placement

This initial putting practice is a good option to guarantee that you are hitting the ball with a stroke that is entirely straight when you putt it. Additionally, it is one of the easiest workouts in terms of putting it up and practicing it. You are going to need two tall books or boxes of equivalent sizes to accomplish this homework. Place the two books near one other with just enough space in between them to enable the putter’s face to be positioned in a comfortable posture between them.

Place a ball in the middle of the gap between the books, and then use a putter with a square face to hit the ball without touching either book. Do these drill strokes in competition while keeping your putter in a straight line. If you don’t maintain your swing straight, you’ll wind up striking the edges of the books. In addition, you won’t be able to consistently make clean contact with the ball unless you put in the time to practice.

Target Your Putt At A Specific Playing Card

Hitting a playing card may be the most difficult of the several indoor putting drills included here. But, if you put in the work, you’ll see a considerable improvement in your putt distance control. Here, you’ll attempt to hit a ball such that it settles on a playing card. The putting stroke demands a light touch, which may be developed with the assistance of this rather basic technique. When done often, this is a great technique for golf buddies who tend to hit the ball too hard while they’re out on the golf course. If you increase your ability to assess distance, you will greatly limit the number of times you overhit the ball, which may occasionally place you in a worse position than when you started.


The goal of this drill has the potential to greatly improve your putting. The wonderful thing is that you simply need a putter, a ball, and a golf tee to get started. To begin, place your tee on the ground. The next step is to attempt to knock over the tee by striking the ball in its direction. Thus, you may begin the game near the hole and work your simple way back as you make putts. In addition, You may try out different distances of 5 feet, 10 feet, 15 feet, and 20 feet. Successfully extending your long putts will have a profound effect on your putting stroke.

Implementing Your Golf Stride And Putting Form

For one of the simplest at-home putting drills, you can do anytime you have a spare minute or two, look no further. You may do this workout from the comfort of your couch or office chair by keeping a golf club within reach. Lastly, perfect your putting form by practicing your stroke anytime you have a spare minute. By regularly doing this drill, you will strengthen your muscle memory and improve your overall technique. Whether you’re a novice looking for coaching on your form or a seasoned pro looking for some new ideas.

Distance Management With 3 Balls

Training your ability to judge distance in front of your putting stroke is facilitated by this drill. The first step in getting ready for this game is taping off a square on the floor that is 1 foot on each side. Next, put three golf balls at arm’s length from the tee box so you may swing at them. The purpose of the game is to strike each golf ball such that it stops within the box, however, doing so requires striking each ball slightly farther back in the box than the one before it.

According to this, ball two should go somewhat farther than ball one, while ball three should travel even more than balls one and two put together. Even still, the possibility remains that the container will hold all three balls. To maximize the effectiveness of this drill, you should hit the first ball such that it enters the box at the very last second. Thus, you may be confident that your next two shots won’t be crowded out.

Putt With Your Right Hand

Your putting grip and overall stroke confidence will both improve with practice on this simple drill. Putt with your right hand just by stepping back a few feet from your target and standing still while you practice putting strokes. If you’re having trouble perfecting your swing with two hands, consider switching to a one-handed grip and seeing if it helps. Using both hands at once might help you become more attuned to subtleties in your grasp.

Putt With Your Left Hand

To do this exercise, you should use your left hand instead of your right. Throughout this simple putting drill, you will be using your left hand only to make contact with the ball. You’ll take a few paces back from your intended victim. In addition, as you start utilizing both hands, putting will be much easier since you will have developed better muscle memory and coordination in your left hand.

The Benefits Of Using A Mat For Putting Practice Over A Hard Surface

Putting on a mat is a simple and easy way to practice your short game. They’re not too pricey, and they provide a much more pleasant surface for putting inside than carpet or hardwood flooring. It’s also far less work to keep one of these greens in good shape than putting green in your garden. Also, several putting mats come close to simulating the feel of putting on a real green. 

And since you want the same type of sensation during practice as you’d experience during a real game, this is crucial. In addition, this is crucial for distance management since the smoothness of the surface (flat surface) has a major impact on how far the ball will travel when rolled. Finally, putting mats don’t only take up little space; they’re also a breeze to set up whenever you need them. Thus, a little bit of practice on the mat won’t take more than a few minutes to set up.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Indoor Putting Matt For Home Practice


Home-based competency tests are a snap to complete. You may train whenever it works for you, in whatever you feel most at ease doing so. You also won’t have to worry about competing with anybody else for time on the practice green.


You may save yourself a lot of time and effort by getting into the habit of practicing at home instead of traveling to the course. Ten-minute practice sessions may easily be inserted here and there throughout the day.


No other players will be peeking over your shoulder while you train, so feel free to focus on any exercises you deem most important.


A simple and effective method for enhancing your putting stroke is to practice it using workouts you can perform at home. The good news is that this may be accomplished quickly and with little effort, using just basic auxiliary equipment. They’re also a great way for zeroing down on certain areas of your swing that may need improvement. In addition, you will be astounded at how quickly your disadvantage disappears after putting these techniques into practice. After all, repetition is the key to mastery.


However, not everyone can readily see how useful it may be to hone one’s putting skills in the comfort of one’s own home. Because putting practice in the comfort of one’s own home might be the key to unlocking a new level of proficiency and it’s the perfect practice.

Would carpet installation experience help?

Technically, the answer is yes. Thus, putting on a carpet won’t be the same as putting on the course, but it will help you perfect your full swing and learn how to get the ball to the hole. The capacity to change speeds is, in reality, a very useful skill.

How best to practice putting it at home?

The best way to hone your putting skills in the comfort of your own home is to set a target and experiment with practice strokes of varied lengths until you get there. Putting drills may be performed inside to aid with accuracy and distance control.

How can I practice putting on the carpet?

The use of a short carpet for at-home putting practice might be helpful. Avoid anything with a shaggy texture, as it tends to retain the ball too much and impedes the ability to take a clean swing.

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