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How To Measure Your Golf Putter Length (The Easy Way)

Something as simple as how to measure your golf putter length (the easy way), believe it or not, can have a dramatic impact of your golf scores. When putting, having a putter that is the right length for you may aid with setup, consistency in the stroke, and pace management. It will also have an effect on how many putts you take throughout the course of your round.

The putter’s length may be determined by placing a 48-inch ruler down its length, with one end at the club’s heel and the other at the grip’s end. Therefore, let’s find out more about this.

In The World Of Golf, What Standard Length Is Considered Normal

A golf putter’s length is typically between 33 and 35 inches. Generally speaking, this is how long they are. Just like every other golf club, a putter must be at least 18 inches in length. However, different putters may be made in any size you can imagine, but irons and wood have size restrictions. That is to say, there is no universally accepted norm for the length of a new putter. 

You should measure the distance from your wrist to the floor and take your posture into account when deciding on the appropriate length of your putter. If you take a measurement of the putter’s head from the outside, you can’t go more than seven inches from toe to heel. According to golf’s stipulations, this is a must. The club head’s height, as measured from the top of the crown to the bottom of the sole, must not exceed 2.5 inches. The distance is calculated from the exact middle of the club head.

Which Length Putter Do I Need To Use (Best Putter)

Two factors require your full attention when choosing the proper length of the putter you’ll need. If your putter is the right length, you won’t have to strain to get into a position where your eyes are above the ball. This is a crucial consideration for making a good stroke on the putter. You’ll need to stop forward slightly at the hips and knees to get your gaze level with the ball. The correct posture for your arms is to be at your sides, just below your shoulders. 

Additionally, if your putter is the right length, you’ll be able to reliably hit the ball from the sweet spot. This helps in maintaining a sense of order in the physical distance. If your putter is too long, you will stand farther from the ball and discover that your eyes will stray inside the ball as you putt it. Using a short putter, on the other hand, will lead you to stand too close to the ball, with your eyes far beyond the line that designates the target. In order to get the greatest results, it is suggested that you see a putter-fitting expert for assistance in determining the ideal putter length.

Does It Make A Difference How Long A Putter Is

The correct length of the putter does matter since it plays such a significant role in facilitating the finest possible putting stance and stroke. The correct time frame is established by thinking about these three things: The distance your hands are from the ground is known as the spine-elbow angle, which is the result of your torso bending at the waist as you lean over the ball and your arms bending at the elbows as you grab the putter. The number of compensation you utilize with your putter will diminish the degree of consistency you achieve, in addition to the variables already mentioned. And you’ll lose faith in your putting as a consequence.

For instance, shorter players may not be able to get a good feel with long putters because of their reduced range of motion and reaction time. That’s why the right size matters.

When playing golf, it’s easy for your eyes to stray away from the ball, leading to poor sighting angles. This causes the viewer to incorrectly perceive the position of the object as being more to the right than it is. As a consequence of your hands being so far away from your thighs, the lie angle of the putter will be lowered. This will make it tough for you to execute a smooth backhand stroke. Both your grip and your arms will feel the pressure when you raise the putter and swing it in the other way. And this is why the putter length matter and it’s one of the most important factors on the golf course.

How To Measure Your Golf Putter Length

What Length Putter Do You Recommend

As mentioned, the right length of putter is between 32 and a 35-inch. So, selecting a standard putter length that allows you to perform an accurate putting stroke while keeping your eyes above the golf ball is crucial. The putter’s shaft and your forearm, when in the address position, should also be perpendicular to one another. If you use a putter that is too large, you risk pushing the ball beyond the intended target. Thus, these three simple steps will help you choose the right putter length if you are doing this for the first time:

Use the stance you would normally adopt, with your arms resting loosely at your sides or behind your back. Have a buddy or colleague measure for you, beginning at the top of your hand and finishing where your foot would touch the floor. For a putter of the desired length, just divide the height you just measured by 3. That way, you won’t have to worry about buying a putter that’s too long or too short. 

Once you’ve determined the length of the putter you’ll need, you may see whether a ready-made version is sold nearby. If this isn’t feasible for any reason, you can always have a custom-made putter or seek out the guidance of golf professionals to ensure you still have the same amount of distance and control. While there are putters as short as 32 inches and as long as 52 inches, players on the PGA Tour typically utilize putters that are 34 inches in length. Because this is the standard duration.

Putter Length vs. Height

A correct putter length should be chosen based on the player height, and the two are frequently almost proportional to one another. To rephrase, golfers of different heights should utilize putters of varying lengths to maximize their performance. So, here are some examples of players who have used putters in their games.

For golfers with a height between 5 feet 9 inches and 5 feet 11 inches, a shorter putter that measures 33 inches may seem too short. Also, players who are more comfortable with a 34-inch putter tend to be taller. And a player of 5 feet 10 inches in height is advised to use a custom putter with a length somewhere in the range of 28 to 31 inches. Lastly, in order to utilize a belly putter that is 39 inches long, some taller golfers over 6 feet tall either swallow down one inch or use a longer putter that is 36 inches long. 

But, while many golfers still use a 36-inch putter, others have transitioned to a 35-inch model. However, there are tall golfers who are 6 feet 2 inches tall who choose to grasp a 34-inch handle rather than a 33-inch putter because they feel more comfortable with the extra space.


The process of measuring your putter’s length shouldn’t provide any substantial difficulties. As an amateur golfer, it may take more work than you think to find a putter that fits your swing and is the right length for you. Make sure you have the correct tools and that you’re working on a flat surface before you start measuring the length of a putter. The putter’s sweet spot should never be lifted off the ground, and the measuring tape must always be in a straight line with the putter’s shaft. 

Unless the putter was specifically made for you, your ultimate measurement should be between 32 and 35 inches. An expert club fitter will tell you that the length of the putter is the most important consideration when choosing a model that will maximize your putting ability. Now that you know how putters ought to be measured, you can confidently choose the one that suits you best. In other words, proper putter length is the perfect putter for your game of golf.

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