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Best Golf Cart Heaters

Is the cold weather keeping you from enjoying your golf cart? Worry no more because we have the best golf cart heater on the market! Our powerful and durable heater will keep you warm all season long. Plus, our easy installation process makes it a breeze to get started.

This post will introduce you to some of the top-rated models available and help you decide which one is right for you. Stay warm on the golf course this winter with a quality golf cart heater!

Mr. Heater’s Golf Cart Heater

Mr. Heater's Golf Cart Heater
📷 via Mr Heater

The Mr. Heater golf cart heaters are our top pick for various reasons. It’s simple to use and very effective, making it an excellent choice for those cold days out on the course. Additionally, it’s affordable and easy to find, so you won’t have to spend much time or money looking for the best golf cart heaters.

These features include a tip-over safety switch, a high-quality windscreen, and an oxygen depletion sensor. These features protect you from problems while on the golf course.

The radiant design of this 4,000 BTU unit is perfect for smaller rooms or office spaces. The compact size and simple installation make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for an easy way to heat their space.

The push-button operation golf cart heater is a great way to keep your cart warm on those chilly days. With the push of a button, you can have instant heat to take the chill off.

The Mr. Heater golf cart heater comes with a tiered cup holder adapter that keeps your beverages hot while you’re on the go. This convenient feature ensures you can enjoy a warm drink no matter where your travels take you.

The warm, Portable Electric Heater Fan Forced Ceramic

This is a great option if you are looking for a low-cost heater. It is an efficient way to heat your home and save money on your energy bills.

An electric golf cart heater is safer and more comfortable than propane heaters, as it doesn’t require swapping out tanks and is more convenient to transport.

There are many benefits to choosing a golf cart electric heater, especially for those on a budget. Golf carts are less expensive than cars and trucks, emitting far fewer greenhouse gases. Golf carts are a great alternative to gas-powered vehicles because they produce less noise pollution.

Coleman Sportcat Perfectemp Catalytic Heater

Coleman Sportcat Perfectemp Catalytic Heater
📷 via Coleman

This compact and lightweight heater easily slide onto a propane tank, providing 1,500 BTU heat for over 14 hours. It’s perfect for various outdoor settings, making it essential gear for camping or tailgating trips.

The design of this candle prevents it from burning, meaning that Rough roads ahead. No problem! Your golf cart is built to handle any bumps or terrain. The easy-grip handle on this Coleman sportcat makes it simple and convenient to carry with you so you can enjoy your favorite scent worry-free.

The detachable base on this heater keeps it safe. You can easily detach the ground, making it great for small spaces. The base is also very stable, so you don’t have to worry about tipping over.

This product is perfect for both at-home and on-the-go use! It is versatile and easy to use, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quality product.

The golf cart heater is easy to tie too many surfaces. This makes it a versatile and convenient tool for keeping your golf cart warm in colder weather.

The 3G Portable Propane Heater

3G Portable Heater
📷 via 3G Portable Heater

This heater can produce 3,000 BTU, which means it can provide you with the warmth you need on colder days. With this heater in your home, you can enjoy the comfort of knowing that you will be able to keep yourself warm during the winter months.

A 16-ounce propane tank will provide up to seven hours of heat, depending on the size of the space being heated. This is a standard amount of time that is seen in the industry. This propane will give you enough heat to last through the night.

Ceramic heating elements are used in this unit to prevent heat damage during extended trips. This is an excellent feature for those who take their team on long journeys.

The 3G portable propane heater is made with stainless steel design, which minimizes dangers. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking for reliable golf cart heaters safe for heating their home or office.

The 3G portable heater comes with one cup holder, making it the perfect solution for taking your coffee or tea. No more worrying about where to put your hot drink while enjoying the outdoors!

It comes with a matchless ignition system. This makes it easy to light, even in cold or windy conditions. The compact design and sturdy construction make it ideal for various settings, from camping to tailgating.

The CZ707 Personal Heater

CZ707 Personal Heater
📷 via CZ707 Heater

This personal heater is easily-adaptable for use in a golf cart, campsite, or home. Its multi-use design makes it a versatile choice for anyone looking for an easy way to add warmth to their surroundings.

The design of this cart is simple and compact, an industry-standard style. This style works well and creates an efficient airflow in your cart.

It has multiple settings that allow you to customize the heat you need, ensuring maximum efficiency.

The metal housing on this device is tough and resistant to damage, making it an excellent choice for use in demanding environments.

It is designed for minimal operational noise to enjoy your warmth without disruption. This heater is perfect for small spaces and can quickly move from room to room as needed. With its sleek design and small footprint, the CZ707 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an effective and efficient way to stay warm.

Climate Caddy Heater

Climate Caddy Heater
📷 via Climate Caddy

This model of electrical heater includes a bi-level vent system, allowing you to direct the airflow to wherever you please, making it an ideal choice for those who want more control over their heating.

When you approach the electronic unit, the built-in sensor detects your presence and turns the team on. As soon as you walk away, it automatically shuts off again. This feature helps to conserve power and prevent accidental activation when no one is around.

It only takes a few minutes to recharge the battery for your climate caddy heater. You can do this by plugging it into a standard outlet or using a solar panel.


So, if you’re in the market for a golf cart heater and are looking for advice on what to buy, this article has been of some help.

I’ve included as much information as possible about the different types of available heaters and their pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing your golf cart heater. Now get out there and stay warm while playing golf all winter long!

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